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kitchen remodel cost in 2024

Kitchen Remodel Cost in 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide on kitchen remodel cost, brought to you by Build Design Center. Remodeling your kitchen can not only refresh its appearance but significantly enhance its functionality and boost your home’s overall value.

On average, the kitchen remodel cost in 2024 falls into the following ranges:

  • Minor Remodels: $10,000 to $25,000
  • Major Remodels: $30,000 to $60,000
  • Luxury Remodels: $70,000 and up

Whether you’re considering a minor update or a full-scale renovation, understanding the costs involved is crucial to planning your project successfully.

This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of kitchen remodel cost, factors that influence these costs, and tips to ensure your renovation project is a success.

kitchen remodel cost in 2024
Discover kitchen remodel cost-saving tips. Learn how to save on your renovation without compromising on quality or style.

Understanding Kitchen Remodel Costs

Small Kitchen Remodel Cost

Understanding the costs associated with remodeling a small kitchen is crucial for homeowners looking to update their space efficiently and affordably. The small kitchen remodel cost starts from $9,000 to $25,000, catering to essential updates without structural changes.

Average Kitchen Remodel Cost

On average, the kitchen remodel cost in 2024 falls into the following ranges:

  • Minor Remodels: $10,000 to $25,000
  • Major Remodels: $30,000 to $60,000
  • Luxury Remodels: $70,000 and up

These figures are guides to help you start planning. Your actual costs can vary based on your specific project requirements and choices.

Kitchen Remodeling in Fredericksburg

  • Material Selection: The choice of materials, especially for cabinets and countertops, often results in the highest expenses. For example, opting for granite countertops can range from $40 to $60 per square foot, and custom cabinetry can start at $500 per linear foot. These choices significantly impact the overall budget.
  • Labor Costs: The cost of skilled labor, including electrical, plumbing, and installation work, is crucial but can vary. In Fredericksburg, you might expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour for qualified tradespeople. Local contractors often provide competitive rates without compromising on quality.
  • Design and Extras: Incorporating eco-friendly appliances or smart kitchen gadgets can quickly add to your budget. For instance, a high-efficiency dishwasher might cost around $600 to $1,200, while smart refrigerators can exceed $2,000. It’s important to prioritize your needs over wants to manage your expenses effectively.

Kitchen Remodeling in Chantilly

To help you budget effectively, here are some general guidelines:

  • Basic Remodels: Starting from $5,000, covering minor updates and cosmetic changes.
  • Mid-Range Remodels: Between $20,000 to $50,000, ideal for a significant refresh without structural changes.
  • High-End Remodels: Starting at $50,000, involving custom work, high-quality materials, and possibly structural alterations.

Kitchen Remodeling in Leesburg

Minor Remodel

For a basic update that includes painting walls, replacing hardware, and maybe upgrading one or two appliances, costs could start from $5,000 to $15,000.

Mid-Range Remodel

If you’re looking into replacing countertops, cabinets, several appliances, and perhaps new flooring, prices could range between $20,000 and $50,000.

High-End Remodel

For a complete renovation with high-end finishes, custom cabinetry, top-of-the-line appliances, and possible layout changes, costs can soar above $50,000, often reaching $100,000 or more.

Remember, these are ballpark figures. The actual cost can be influenced by the local market, the specific materials you choose, and the complexity of the installation. To get an accurate estimate for your kitchen remodeling project in Leesburg, talk to us.

Breaking Down the Expenses

Labor Costs

Labor can consume 20% to 35% of the total budget. This encompasses fees for contractors, electricians, plumbers, and specialists. For a standard project, this might mean anywhere from $3,000 to over $6,000, depending on the remodel’s complexity.

Material Costs

Here’s a list of common materials involved in kitchen remodeling along with their approximate costs. Note that these costs can vary based on factors like quality, brand, and region:


cambria quartz countertops
Cambria quartz countertops
  • Laminate: Starts at $20 per square foot. Known for its affordability and variety of designs.
  • Granite: $40 – $100 per square foot. Popular for its durability and natural appearance.
  • Marble: $60 – $100 per square foot. Valued for its luxury look and unique veining.
  • Quartz: $55 – $155 per square foot. Offers the beauty of stone with enhanced durability.
  • Butcher Block: $30 – $100 per square foot. Adds warmth with a natural wood finish.
  • Quartzite: $60 – $120 per square foot. Renowned for its hardness and natural beauty, resembling marble but offering greater durability.


epoxy kitchen flooring cost

  • Vinyl: $1 – $5 per square foot. Offers a cost-effective and water-resistant option.
  • Laminate: $2 – $8 per square foot. Mimics the look of hardwood or stone at a lower cost.
  • Tile (Ceramic or Porcelain): $5 – $15 per square foot. Durable and available in various designs.
  • Hardwood: $6 – $12 per square foot. Timeless appeal but requires more maintenance.
  • Natural Stone (e.g., Marble, Slate): $15 – $30 per square foot. High-end option with unique aesthetics.


dark blue kitchen cabinet
Indigo Kitchen Cabinets | Fabuwood
  • Stock Cabinets: $60 – $200 per linear foot. Pre-manufactured and ready to install. Popular brands include Fabuwood and Waypoint Cabinets, offering a range of styles and finishes at affordable price points.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets: $100 – $500 per linear foot. Offers some customization options in sizes and finishes. Medallion and Design-Craft are notable brands in this category, providing a balance between customization and cost.
  • Custom Cabinets: $500 – $1,200 per linear foot. Built to exact specifications for your space. For those seeking bespoke cabinetry, St. Martin Cabinets, Aran Cucine, Stosa Cucine, and Cubitac offer high-end options with extensive customization possibilities, catering to specific design and functionality requirements.


farmhouse kitchen backsplash
  • Ceramic Tile: $5 – $15 per square foot. Offers versatility in color and patterns.
  • Glass Tile: $7 – $30 per square foot. Provides a modern and sleek look.
  • Stone Tile (e.g., Marble, Granite): $6 – $20 per square foot. Matches with natural stone countertops.

Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing cabinet hardware

  • Faucet: $100 – $600. Prices vary based on material, design, and features.
  • Cabinet Hardware (Knobs and Pulls): $2 – $20 per piece. Cost depends on material and design.


Adding a small kitchen lamp
Adding a small kitchen lamp
  • Ceiling Lights: $50 – $400. Includes options like recessed, pendant, or chandelier lighting.
  • Under-Cabinet Lighting: $200 – $500. Enhances functionality and ambiance.

Paint and Wall Finishes

  • Paint: $20 – $50 per gallon. Cost depends on quality and finish.
  • Wallpaper: $25 – $50 per roll. Varies based on design and material.

These approximate costs can vary widely depending on factors such as geographic location, current market trends, and the quality of materials chosen.

Appliance Upgrades

New appliances, especially energy-efficient models, can take up 15% to 30% of the budget. A high-end refrigerator alone can cost upwards of $2,000, with a full suite of modern appliances pushing the higher end of your budget.

  • Range: $400 – $5,000+. The price varies significantly based on features and brand.
  • Refrigerator: $600 – $4,000+. Depends on size, type, and technology.
  • Dishwasher: $250 – $2,000+. Price varies by noise level, capacity, and energy efficiency.

How to Save on Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Cutting costs without compromising quality is a key concern for many. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Retain Your Layout: Keeping plumbing and electrical fixtures in their original locations can save thousands. Avoid moving sinks, dishwashers, or any major appliances if possible.
  • Choose Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets: Opting for RTA cabinets over custom cabinetry can significantly reduce expenses. Many modern RTA options are stylish and durable.
  • Refinish Existing Features: Instead of replacing cabinets or hardwood floors, consider refinishing them. This can give your kitchen a fresh look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Opt for Less Expensive Materials: Look for materials that mimic the appearance of high-end options. Laminate countertops and vinyl flooring have come a long way in aesthetics and durability.
  • Do Some Work Yourself: Tackling some tasks, like demolition or painting, can lower labor costs. Ensure you’re comfortable and aware of what the job entails to avoid costly mistakes.

FAQs About Kitchen Remodel Cost

How much should I spend on a kitchen remodel?

Budgeting for a kitchen remodel depends on your home’s value. Aim to spend between 5% and 15% of your home’s total value to ensure a good investment return.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Cabinetry and labor are typically the most expensive components of a kitchen remodel, often consuming over a third of the budget.

Is remodeling a kitchen a good investment?

Yes, a kitchen remodel can offer a substantial return on investment, especially if you focus on functional and modern updates that appeal to future buyers.

kitchen remodeling in Fredericksburg

A kitchen remodel cost varies, but careful planning can ensure it’s a worthy investment. By understanding and budgeting for the significant expenses, you can create a space that enhances your home‘s value and your quality of life.