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Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

There are tens of thousands of toilets available, but a rough-in distance, which calculates the distance from the finished wall to the toilet’s center sewer drain, can help you focus your search.

Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

The most variety of toilets is offered with 12-inch rough-ins, which is the industry standard. There may be fewer options available if an existing rough-in of a different dimension, such as 10 or 14 inches, is used for a bathroom makeover.

Although the majority of people like long toilet bowls, a small bathroom could benefit from a circular bowl to save space. Round fixtures can only extend 28″ from the wall, however elongated toilet bowls can extend up to 31″. They also save a few bucks since circular bowls are less expensive than elongated bowls.

Before You Buy A Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodel

It is simpler to limit your options and make the ideal decision to fulfill your family’s demands the more informed and educated you are. Before making a purchase, you should think about a few key factors, including design options and technical facts. 

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Where is the Drain Located?

The distance from the wall to the middle of the bolts at the base of your current toilet—or the chosen location—must be measured. You will receive the rough-in measurement for the position of your drain from this. Twelve inches is the usual measurement.

If your measurement is between 11 and 13 inches, you should be okay because there is a 1-inch variation. You’ll need a special order unit if the distance is 10 or 14 inches.

What’s Your Budget?

If you’re choosing a smart toilet, check at pricing to make sure it works inside your budget before choosing a specific model or feature set.

The cost of toilets can vary greatly depending on their size, design, and several features. Comfort heights and extended bowl shapes are features that might increase the price.

How to Choose The Best Toilet For Your Bathroom?

You might assume that a toilet is a rather commonplace device that doesn’t need much attention. Surprisingly, there are several alternatives available, even for the most straightforward bathroom designs, when it comes to selecting a toilet for your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodel

There are many different types of toilets, from traditional close-coupled toilets to the range of modern toilets, so it’s simple to become confused by all the alternatives. Several elements might decide the best toilet for you.

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These factors include your budget, bathroom style, and available space. Here are our top recommendations for selecting the ideal toilet for your bathroom.

  • Measure Your Rough-In

It’s crucial to measure your present rough-in first. This is the distance between the center of your toilet’s flange bolts and the bathroom wall. Standard rough-ins come in 12-inch sizes, but there are also 10 and 14-inch options. Always go for a toilet that has the same rough-in that you already have.

  • Ensure Your Toilet Fits

The decision to go with a circular toilet bowl could be influenced by your small bathroom or your restricted financial resources. Compared to elongated bowls, round toilet bowls cost less and save around three inches of space. In a small bathroom where it’s difficult to completely open doors and drawers, this may make a difference.

Ensure Your Toilet Fits

Toilets are typically roughly 15 inches high. On the other side, higher toilets could be more comfortable for taller people. 17 or 19-inch toilets are preferable options for those with mobility concerns since they are easier on the backs and knees. 

These are more difficult for toddlers and short people to use, which is a drawback. When choosing the best seat, make sure to try sitting down on the toilet. You don’t wish to detest the restroom you select for the next ten years.

  • Choose a Style

You don’t have to stick with the traditional two-piece toilet with the tank bolted to the top of the bowl. One-piece toilets, which appear modern and are simpler to clean, are among the many types available.

A wall-mounted toilet is much simpler to clean and gives the bathroom a lot of personalities. On the other side, wall-mounted toilets are also more expensive than other kinds.

  • Select a Colour

The days of simply having toilet bowls in the traditional porcelain white color are long gone. While many people still like the color white for their toilets, you now have the pleasure of choosing from a variety of colors instead!

If you are really into color matching, you may select a toilet that comes in the same hue as your bathroom tiles. A black or grey toilet can make your bathroom appear more modern and sophisticated.

  • Decide on the Bidet

The decision to use a bidet is entirely up to you. The addition of a bidet element to regular toilets may frequently increase their resale value and aid anyone with mobility concerns.

  • Consider Efficiency

It might be time to choose a toilet that consumes less water and has a smaller carbon footprint if you’re in the market for a new toilet. Low-flush toilets have improved over the past 20 years, incorporating technologies like power-assisted flushing or gravity that allow them to function as intended while consuming less water.

Make careful to contrast the toilet’s flushing function to other models according to independent test findings. A smart place to start your study is on price comparison websites and user reviews. Also, check into rebate opportunities if you decide to buy a high-efficiency model.

  • Consider Comfort

It’s crucial to make sure your toilet has some of the comforts that are necessary for every aspect of life.

There are many various smart technology options that you may select from, like heated seats, soft-closing seats that prevent your toilet seat from ever being left up or slammed, foot warmers, self-deodorizing flushes, automated flush functions, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Furthermore, you may modify and customize your toilet in a broad range of creative ways thanks to the numerous upgrades and modifications that are available. The cost of replacing any additional features if they malfunction is a drawback.