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4 Beadboard Bathroom Ideas: Makeover Magic

Ever thought about beadboard in your bathroom? It’s not just for your grandma’s house anymore. We’re diving into some cool ways to use beadboard to spruce up your bathroom.

Soul and Lane
Soul and Lane

1. Classic White Beadboard Bathroom

  • Old School Cool: White beadboard? Classic. It’s like the little black dress of bathroom designs.
  • Tough Stuff: This stuff is built to last, especially with all that steam from your showers.
  • Mix and Match: Works with pretty much any color. Seriously, try it.
beadboard bathroom ideas
Making Home Base

2. Beadboard Wainscoting

  • Halfway Hero: Just the lower half of your wall, and bam – instant style upgrade.
  • Guard Duty: It’s like a shield for your walls against water splashes.
  • DIY Dream: Great for bathroom remodeling. Not too hard to put up, either.
Beadboard wainscoting Charlestone Blonde
Beadboard wainscoting | Charleston Blonde

3. Colored Beadboard

  • Dare to Be Bold: Go crazy with colors! It’s your bathroom, after all.
  • Spotlight Wall: One colored wall can totally change the vibe.
  • Color Harmony: Match it with your towels or tiles. It’ll look awesome.
beadboard bathroom ideas
Stagg Design

4. Beadboard Ceiling and Panels

  • Look Up: Why not put a beadboard on your bathroom ceiling? It’s unexpected and cool.
  • Panel Play: Bring the whole room together with matching panels.
  • Light It Up: Add some cool lights to show off the texture.
beadboard ceiling
Good Housekeeping


So, beadboard in bathrooms? A big yes! It’s stylish, versatile, and perfect for giving your space a fresh look. Whether you’re into the classic vibe or something more daring, beadboard’s got you covered.

Apartment Therapy Pinterest
Apartment Therapy Pinterest

Got Questions about the Beadboard Bathroom? We’ve Got Answers!

What’s Beadboard Anyway?

It’s this groovy paneling that adds character to your walls. Super popular in bathrooms for its look and durability.


Can a Beadboard Bathroom Handle My Steamy Showers?

Absolutely! Get the right kind, and it’ll laugh in the face of moisture and mold.

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy Pinterest

Will It Work in My Tiny Bathroom?

For sure! It can make small spaces feel bigger. Plus, it looks super chic.