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Master Bathroom Remodeling in Mclean

ARCHITECT: Architects of Build Design Center

DATE: February 22, 2023

PROJECT TYPE: Bathroom Remodeling

Sanctuary of Luxe Tranquility: McLean’s Master Bathroom Remake by Build Design Center

Step into a realm of sumptuous tranquility with Build Design Center’s recent master bathroom remodeling in McLean. A sanctuary where the finesse of modern design meets the comfort of a spa retreat, this newly-transformed space promises an unrivaled home sanctuary experience, harmoniously blending luxury with tranquility.

The core of this regal bathroom lies in its statement-making dark vanity and cabinets. Exuding a rich and sophisticated allure, these elements ground the space with a strong yet elegant presence. The dark tones carve a narrative of luxury and class, offering a sensual contrast to the lighter elements within the room, painting a picture of modern opulence where style meets serenity.

Accentuating this tranquil haven is the state-of-the-art steam shower, encased in clear glass. This feature stands as a beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a personal retreat where one can unwind and refresh amidst a cloud of gentle steam. The glass enclosure adds a touch of modernity and spaciousness, allowing a seamless flow of light and energy, and offering an unhindered view of the bathroom’s artful elements.

Complementing this sanctuary of steam is the free-standing tub, which beckons with a promise of immersive relaxation. This centerpiece serves as a personal oasis where one can soak away the stresses of the day, basking in a cocoon of water and luxury. The tub’s organic contours and pristine surface create a visual appeal that invites one to step in and experience a baptism of tranquility and comfort.

The McLean master bathroom remodel by Build Design Center is a masterpiece of modern luxury, a testament to their commitment to creating spaces that embody comfort, style, and functionality. Every aspect, from the dark vanity to the glass-enclosed steam shower, works in harmony to offer a bathroom experience that transcends the ordinary, plunging you into a world of luxury and relaxation.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this luxe sanctuary, an epitome of Build Design Center’s expertise in crafting spaces that resonate with modern elegance and comfort. Visit to explore this transformative journey in McLean, where a sanctuary of luxe tranquility awaits to embrace you in its warm and sophisticated embrace.